Episode 2 – “AUA: Training Without The Teacher Both Within And Without One’s Own System”

Episode 2 is  an ‘AUA’ (Ask Us Anything) Episode, in which we answer some of your questions in depth, and specifically we talk in detail about training without the teacher with other people, both within and without your own system.

In the Episode we mentioned Sifu Li-Ping Chang. For people who want to know more about this teacher, visit his website www.wingchunkungfuforselfdefense.com and his YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/wingchunkungfu4sd 

In our episodes we often talk about our own teacher George Lee and for people who want to know more visit wingchunworkgroup.com  

Keep sending us comments and questions ([email protected])! We will get to them – we want to go in depth, with research, with various teachers’ opinions, with our related experiences, etc., so it may take some time to cover them all – but keep them coming because the listener interaction is the most important part of this podcast!

Bend your legs, plant your feet, relax, and let’s go!