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Episode 2 – “AUA: Training Without The Teacher Both Within And Without One’s Own System”

Episode 2 is  an ‘AUA’ (Ask Us Anything) Episode, in which we answer some of your questions in depth, and specifically we talk in detail about training without the teacher with other people, both within and without your own system. In the Episode we mentioned Sifu Li-Ping Chang. For people who want to know more about […]

Working On Episode 2 – Answering Listeners’ Questions!

Dan and Paco are hard at work on Episode 2! We are blown away by the Listeners’ comments and questions and want to encourage everyone to send us their questions (info@athousandexits.com). The Listener interaction is definitely going to be lifeblood of this Podcast! Episode 2 will be an ‘AUA’ (Ask Us Anything) Episode, in which […]