Episode 10 – “Movie Review: Redbelt & The Code Of The Warrior with Anthony Brito”

Dan & Paco had an amazing time sitting with Anthony Brito to chat, catch up and discuss the great 2008 movie Redbelt and what a great chat it was! This is the first of an upcoming series on movie reviews produced here at Irstad Recordings. In this episode we delve deep into storytelling, the evolution of standards for Martial Arts Schools, the connection between handicaps limitations and Martial Arts training, and many more thought provoking topics!

We want to thank Anthony Brito for his time, thoughts and inspiration. Anthony was our first guest back at the beginning of last year and due to the pandemic the only one so far to sit in person in our wonderful Studio (Irstad). Anthony was the most popular guest to date, and he’s a practitioner of Brazilian JiuJitsu and a wonderful human being.

Note: towards the end we mention a group of Aikido practitioners that have devised amazingly honest drills to test and improve their skills and we describe some of the their drills with markers. We were referring to Aikido: Discussed and their approach to their Martial Art.

At a different point in the chat we mentioned a system of wrestling developed by the people of Northern China (and Russia). We were actually referring to Mongolian Wrestling

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